About Ecologic 3R

     ECOLOGIC 3R s a national economic operator licensed with License no. 1 of 2006 and re licensed with the License no. 3 of 27.09.2013 by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to take over obligations regarding the achievement of annual targets for recovery and recycling of packaging aimed a funding organization and management system of packaging and packaging waste on behalf of economic operators responsible according to the HG621 / 2005 with subsequent amendments.

     ECOLOGIC 3R manages the following categories of packaging waste:


     ECOLOGIC 3R closes contracts answering obligations regarding the annual objectives for recovery and recycling of packaging with all operators responsible for placing on the market packaged products, or, where appropriate packaging and accepting contract terms presented in the framework contract as well and the tariffs.

     Additionally, we issue THE CERTIFICATE of fulfillment of obligations to the Environment Fund Administration on packaging generated.


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Goals and Principles

Our principles

Our goals

  • Serving the general interest of all partners involved in the scheme;

  • Treating all partners equally;

  • Providing free consulting services which relate to general and specific problems related to packaging partner, declared and assumed obligations in its capacity as operator of the transfer of responsibility.

  • Taking responsibility for all materials provided in HG621 / 2005 with subsequent amendments;

  • Achievement of the recovery and recycling of packaging waste are in agreement on economic cooperation;

  • Management of financial flows transparently as provided by law;

  • Development of educational programs, information and consumer awareness for selective waste act of submission; 

  • Conducting studies on the collection and recovery of packaging waste;