Solutions and Benefits



    The best solution offered by ECOLOGIC 3R equires the fulfillment of the recovery and recycling of packaging waste stipulated in the law through a legal alternative more advantageous financially materialized through a service contract with our company.

    Certification for these activities is given by the operating license no. 1 of 2006 and relicense the operating license no. 3 of 2013 issued by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, updated and endorsed annually.

    The benefits are primarily financial. Having a contract with ECOLOGIC 3R, you will have to pay up to
80 % ess compared to the amount of penalties owed to you by the Environment Fund Administration in conditions resulting from infringement of this law.

     Get a monthly and an annual report from ECOLOGIC 3R stating in your company name a fulfillment in the annual objectives of recovery and recycling,, atat global, both overall and by type of packaging material for the entire amount of packaging reported by this your obligations are extinguished by payment to the Environment Fund Administration.