Contracting procedures


1. First step::

Option 1

Download, fill out and send E-mail or Fax the following forms:

  1. “ The Contract Initiation agreement form " signed and sealed: Download
  2. Annexes B and C, with estimates of quantities of packaging, signed and stamped: Download
  3. We also need copies of the following documents:
    1. Tax Registration Certificate
    2. Register Certificate issued by the Trade Register
    3. The last statement from the Environment Fund Administration
    4. The certificate of tax obligations to the Environmental Fund

***each signed and mentioning ”According the original”.

Option 2

    Completing an online Contract Initiation Form

    You will be contacted as soon as possible by one of the ECOLOGIC 3R operators who will provide the necessary information in order to start the contracting procedures.

2. The second step:

    You will be contacted by telephone by one of the ECOLOGIC 3R operators who will provide the necessary information in order to start contracting procedures.

    Based on data provided by you will print your contract and its attachments in the original, two copies and will be sent to the mailing address mentioned by you in "Demand initiation agreement contract".

3. The third step:

    After you receive thw two contracts, we kindly ask them signed and stamped places for your representatives.

    A copy will remain your, and the second will be sent to the company ECOLOGIC 3R correspondence with annexes which will be attached a copy CUI each Certificate found at AFM last statement, signed and mentioning "According to the original".

4. Procedure on period of the contract:

    With the introduction in our database as a partner, you will have access to our online platform, where you autetifica through user name and password received e-mail notification.

    Monthly you will enter your company's account and you complete Form Annex D with actual quantities of packaging placed on the national market in the previous month.

    Completion of Annex D module and conduct other stages of will be brought to the phone so that the operator will contact ECOLOGIC 3R, and site section "Partners".